The Tipo 250 is the result of watching Maserati 250f’s not only racing, but simply existing.

Mazerati 250F Formula 1 racing carWhat started out as a fledgling idea evolved into a project over about 7 years. A lot of planning, plenty of visits to historic race meetings, more photographs than I would care to mention and by no means least, some very understanding owners who were more than willing to let me attack their car with a tape measure.

The end result, I believe, captures the essence of the original, whilst being not only very useable and hugely enjoyable as a road car, is still a thing of great beauty and ultimately a sound investment.

Every car we build will be strictly to order and, whereas we have a ‘standard’ specification, we are more than happy to discuss any particular requirements you may have, whether it be engine, transmission, or whatever and because we love what we do, we would rather discuss it over a bonnet than a laptop.

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